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Plugins / extensions / toolbars I've installed for Mozilla

I've installed the following plugins for Mozilla FireFox:
  • Google Toolbar. The easiest way to search directly from your browser. This toolbar is included with the download from the top of this page.
  • WebDeveloper. Provides quick access to a number of useful FireFox settings frequently used by web developers. Such as: En/Disable JavaScript, CSS options, resize your browser window and much more useful stuff.
  • Clone Window. One of the Internet Explorer features I really missed when staring to use Mozilla FireFox was that it didn't create a new version of the current window when opening a new window. That is if I pressed Ctrl-N I also had to copy and paste the URL from the address bar. Fortunately this plugin solved that problem. I don't know whether I'll re-install it with a new install since I tend to use tabbed browsing much more now.
    I haven't tried it (it's on my todo list) is to test the Duplicate Tab extension, it looks promising.
  • User Agent Switcher. The extension let's you pretend to be any browser. This is helpful for sites that require Internet Explorer to work. Comes from the same developer as the WebDeveloper toolbar above.
  • Switch Proxy. The extension I linked originally to is no longer available. Quickly change proxy settings, ideal for checking whether other people see your websites the same as you do.
  • The following entries are more related to Web Development and Search Engine Optimisation. These extensions might not be relevant for all.
    • Live HTTP Headers. Handy plugin to view which status headers the sever sends back to your browser.
    • Fangs: The Screen Reader Emulator. You can view a pages as if you are looking at it with a screen reader. This helps create accessible webpages. Which reminds me, I should probably test this website to see whether they are still ok.
    • Search Status. Provides quick access to the number of pages indexed and the number of backwards links as reported by the three major search engines. (Google, MSN & Yahoo)
    • There is another web development related extension I have to look into more at a later date: Venkman JavaScript Debugger.