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Download Free MyFireFox.co.uk Screensaver for Windows XP

I've created a small MyFireFox.co.uk screensaver with some bouncy FireFox logos on it. You can now show the world (or at least the office) that you are using FireFox even when you're not behind your computer.

Download Free MyFireFox.co.uk Screensaver (689Kb)

Screenshot screensaverTo the right you can see a screenshot of the screensaver. Since the Mozilla FireFox logos bounce in the real screensaver it doesn't really show how hypnotic it is.

MyFireFox screensaver features

Configuration screen
The screensaver is fully configurable. You can:
  • Set the number of Mozilla FireFox logos in the screensaver
  • Set the speed of the logos
  • Toggle the clock on/off
  • Set the size, font and color of the clock
  • Toggle background logo on and off
  • Select whether logos should bounce
When the screensaver is running you can use the following keys to set the options:
+Increase number images
-Decrease number images
Left arrowDecrease speed
Right arrowIncrease speed
/ (Numpad)Make clock smaller
* (Numpad)Make clock bigger
Numpad 5 Toggle Clock
Numpad 7 Toggle background
Numpad 9 Toggle bounce images

Known bugs

  • If there are a lot (and I mean a lot) of images on the screen they sometimes tend to cluster together and not get unstuck any more.

Bugs fixed in v1.1 (29 May 2006)

  • Fixed memory leak.

Bugs fixed in v1.0 (8 April 2006)

  • Screensaver preview in Display properties isn't scaled properly.

Initial release v0.1 (1 April 2006)


There are more free screensavers available at abScreensavers.com. You can download free screensavers from the site. There is a wide choice of sport screensavers to pick from.