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Running comparison of Firefox 2 and Firefox 3

I've been receiving a number of questions about Firefox 3 from visitors to my website. As I like being able to answer as many of the questions as possible, I thought I would install Modzilla Firefox 3 and make my mind up about it.

I will be using this as my main browser over the coming couple of days. I'll make notes of my experiences here as I go along.

First tips

Installing Firefox 2 in the same directory in which Firefox 3 has been installed may result in Firefox 2 being unstable (bug 423226). The bug report states it's fixed, but I would install FF3 in a separate folder to be on the safe side. Your settings will still be transfered automatically!

Users who have older installations of Google Desktop Search may experience crashes on startup; reinstalling Google Desktop Search fixes the problem (bug 401513)

21 June 2008
  • Downloads are much faster than with FF2. With FF2 I had to wait a considerable time before downloads started, locking FF during the wait. This seems to be fixed now.
  • The way the suggestions in the URL bar appear have been changed. I'm not certain yet, whether I like it or not. Some of my quick go-to's - I'm used to type the first couple of characters from a URL to make the rest of it appear magically - don't seem to work anymore as other URLs appear higher in the drop down list, but maybe I/FF will learn.